Album Review : GoodLuck – The Nature Within

The new album from GoodLuck, “The Nature Within

GoodLuck, one of South Africa’s premium electronic live bands, recently released their third album, The Nature Within.

This album is characterised by smooth saxophone grooves, uplifting melodies and good hooks. At times it can be punchy and a little trippy at the end, with “Fire in my Heart” bringing that interesting sound near the end of the album.

The album starts out well with “Taken a While”, which is followed by a very easy going cover of “Thinking about You”. “Be Yourself” is a bona fide party anthem, and I got to hear it live at the “Live at Vergenoegd” concert in November. “Chasing Dreams” is another uplifting track, which is followed by those smooth Sax grooves on “Back in the Day”. The album then progresses to a punchy, trippy feel with “If I had a Penny” and “Fire in My Heart”, then ends well with “Mountain Burning”.

This album will appeal to a broad cross section of people, and would make a good Christmas gift. For more on the band, and where to catch them live, check out their website here

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