Theatre Review : #Lottering

Marc Lottering’s latest show, #Lottering, has returned to the Baxter for a second run.

I went to see the show, and it was brilliant. Marc brings his signature humour and theatrics to the stage, and keeps you enthralled for just about 90 minutes.

His show includes 2 VERY funny skits about shopping on Christmas Eve and the TV show, ‘The Voice’, with the latter showing off his fabulous singing skills.

Another place where he displays his musical talent is at the beginning of the show. As is now his signature, he opens the show with a few lines, then sits at the piano and sings a song. It’s a wonderful beginning to his show, and this time he added a few very funny vignettes into the piece which made it that much more amusing!

He covers a multitude of hashtags, which you must go see for yourself, but being the end of JanuWorry, the part about the pepper steak pie and the good angel literally had me crying with laughter.

For more on the show, and to buy tickets, go here, but you must be quick, as its running until 4 February 2017.

All in all, it’s a very funny night out with that special someone, or as I did, a group of friends.

So go watch the show, before the EFT goes through! *wink wink*

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