Book Review ; Fight The Fear – Mandie Holgate

As personal development books go, there are few that really stand out amongst the pack and, in a very tangible way, change your life.

‘Fight the Fear’, by Mandie Holgate, is one such book.

The subtitle of this book is ‘How to beat your negative mindset and win in life’. I cannot agree more with that statement.

Mandie addresses 12 fears in this book, starting with the most important one; ‘What if someone finds out who I really am?’. It’s most important one because it sets the base from which to address all the other fears by asking the question, ‘Who am I?’. In this chapter, you will come to know the areas in your life that are most important to you, and hence will know where and how to direct your energy and goals.

So, how will you come to know those areas? Well, here’s what sets this book apart from other personal development books. Each chapter is broken down into 4 parts, namely

1. What the Fear is
2. Examples of the fear and what Exercises can be done
3. What Actions you can take
4. What Results you can expect from positive actions

In this way, Mandie allows for either thorough reading through all four sections of each chapter, or just skimming through what the fear is, and concentrating on the exercises, while jumping to the expected results. While that can be a method of reading this book, what worked for me was to read through each chapter twice, and taking notes during the second time.

If you do the exercises in this book, I can just about guarantee that you will be a better person for it! One of the best exercises, which is often repeated in the book, is the ‘What if?’ exercise. If you want to know more, read the book. But you’ll soon understand how beneficial this exercise is.

The other notable fears she addresses are ‘I’m scared of setting goals’, ‘I don’t believe I can succeed’, ‘I don’t ask for help’ and ‘I hate phoning people’. These were core fears for me and I gained an invaluable perspective in how to positively address these aspects of my life, and I find myself already conquering these long-held negative beliefs.

Throughout the book, Mandie uses small business owners as her base clientèle, and transfers most of her expected ‘Results’ sections in winning in the workplace. However, I found that her exercises helped me more in other aspects of my life, and it was a holistic healing and motivational process, rather than just winning at work.

It doesn’t matter at what stage you are in your life. Reading this book, and doing the exercises in it, will catapult you to the success that you (and, indeed, all of us) want. This book will permanently change your mindset which will allow you to deal with your fears once and for all.

The book can be found here, while I found my copy at a local bookstore.

I HIGHLY recommend you get your copy as soon as possible.

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